Stove and Fire Installations

You may want a stove, fire or Aga-type range installed, whether or not you have a fireplace or chimney already. If so, we can assess your current fireplace(s) and chimney(s) and depending on what you need, advise you on your options.

As HETAS Approved Installers, we issue a Certificate of Compliance (see example) for all works carried out.

We can:

  • Show you how a proposed stove or fire could look in your home (we can do this “on the spot”, with images super-imposed on a photograph of your room)
  • Build a completely new chimney or fireplace if you don’t already have one, to suit whatever stove or fire type you would like
  • Re-model your existing fireplace / chimney breast (whether you would just like to update the style, alter or re-build the chimney breast to/from stone or brick, re-plaster for a clean modern look, and/or add a wooden beam for instance)
  • Install a wood burner or multi-fuel stove (whether you have already bought one or you would like us to supply one for you – see Stove Supply section)
  • Install an “Aga-type” stove or range oven (whether Aga, Rayburn, Broseley or other make – see Stove Supply section)
  • Install a back-boiler associated with any of these stove or fire types
  • Re-line your existing chimney to prevent fires caused by tar build up, prevent carbon monoxide leakage and to make your existing stove more efficient

All the components used in our installations are HETAS approved and are of the highest quality.

Chimney Sweeping and Stove Servicing

It may just be that your existing chimney needs sweeping, in which case we will do just that! We can clean all types of stoves and open fires, and guarantee there will be no fuss or mess. Whether we use the modern vacuum method or if we need to use the more traditional brushes, when we have finished, your house will be as clean as it was when we arrived.

As a member of NACS (the National Association of Chimney Sweeps) we will issue you with a full, approved safety Certificate of Sweeping (see example) which will satisfy your house insurance company’s requirements. (Note that without the NACS certificate, if you were unfortunate enough to have a chimney fire, your insurance company is unlikely to pay out!)

We also offer a free reminder service so your chimney stays safe.

As HETAS Approved Installers, we can also service stoves and appliances to ensure that any warranty you may have is maintained and that not only the efficiency, but also the life of your appliance is maximised. We issue a Certificate of Compliance (see example) for all works carried out.

Problem Solving

If you have a stove or chimney problem that needs solving, we will discuss the options with you.

We can:

  • Make adjustments, fit hoods or cowls to help your chimney draw better
  • Repair or re-line leaking or damaged flues to make your chimney safer and more efficient. Read more about this here:
  • Fit guards to your chimney pot(s) to stop birds nesting in them
  • Carry out a CCTV survey if necessary to diagnose any problems in the flue which can’t be seen by the naked eye
  • Re-point or re-build your chimney stack if it is suffering from weather or age
  • Repair or replace seals, fire bricks, baffle plates, door hinges, fire ropes and the working parts of the appliance
  • Carry out any other type of repair or maintenance on your stove, fireplace or chimney